by Ma. Margarita M. Mañalac and Gerald D.V. Copia


Raw feeding has been around for decades but it is only now that dog lovers are beginning to fully understand what it is all about. In essence, raw feeding is the choice to give your dogs natural meat, bones, internals, and vegetables instead of commercially-available dog food. This choice, really, is simple: it’s based on the premise that dogs are either carnivorous or omnivorous in nature. This means that nutrients from processed dog food are insufficient and unhealthy for our dogs.

Commercially-available dog food is not just unhealthy, it’s harmful. It contains ingredients (such as processed grains, preservatives, and extenders) that are bad for your dog’s health making them prone to diseases like obesity, diabetes, and skin allergies.


We won’t over-emphasize the harmful effects of commercially-available dog food because we want to focus on the benefits of switching to raw feeding. Feeding locally-produced, fresh raw food guarantees that your dogs get nutrients from sources which their bodies were designed to process and digest. With raw feeding, you are sure that your dog’s meal is natural and free of extenders and preservatives. presents a concise list of the major benefits of switching to raw feeding:

– Minimal skin allergies
– Shiny and healthy coat
– Healthy gums and teeth
– Low-risk for obesity and bloat
– A good chance of attaining the desired, healthy weight
– More appetite and energy
– Reduced poop smell
– Healthy anal glands
– Better overall behavior
– Longer lifespan


It is likely that when switching your dog to a raw diet, you will notice some changes in the following weeks and months. These changes are normal and expected. Initially, you may notice that your dogs drink less. Dogs on a raw diet need less water because they get hydration from the fresh food that they consume.

You may also observe changes in their defecation habits and irregularities in the texture and consistency of stool: they will tend to defecate less and produce grainy, small balls of stool with minimal stinky odor. Finally, in the months following your transition, your dogs may start to shed their old coats and replace it with a newer, shinier one.


Raw Feeding

King’s BARF Diet began as Start-up Company that provides a complete raw dog food mix following the BARF model of raw feeding. It started as personal effort to feed our dogs healthy and unprocessed food combined with our dissatisfaction with commercially-available dog food.

Depending on your beliefs about a dog’s physical nature and needs, there are two models of raw feeding. Those who believe that dogs are carnivores follow the Prey model of raw feeding. The Prey model asserts that a dog’s diet should contain a specific proportion of meat, internals, and ground bones. On the other hand, those who believe that dogs are omnivorous in nature follow the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) model. Diets following the BARF model include a certain proportion of meat, bones, internals, vegetables, fruits, and natural supplements.

We at King’s BARF Diet echo the belief of the BARF model. We believe that our dogs need a well-balanced meal that has multiple nutrient sources. As such, our product includes a tried-and-tested proportion of pure pork meat, bones, internals, vegetables, and natural supplements.


We recognize that switching to raw feeding is difficult: it takes time and energy to learn about, choose, and prepare your dog’s raw meal. Not a lot of people have the luxury of time to do that nor do they have access to affordable quality ingredients. That’s why King’s BARF Diet is available to provide for your dog’s dietary needs.

We also concede that there have been many controversies surrounding raw feeding: bacteria, parasites, infections, diseases, and unbalanced diets have plagued the raw feeding community discouraging pet owners from making the switch.

The answer to all of these issues lies in the careful selection of ingredients and the proper handling of the raw food, that’s why we strongly advise our clients to store their King’s BARF Diet mix in the freezer and to partition it according to their dog’s serving size.
To minimize potential difficulties, we make sure that our mix comes in half-kilo packaging and is well-frozen before distributing it to our clients, making thawing and partitioning very easy. We also advise our clients to bring their dogs to the veterinarian for regular deworming to make sure that their pets are in tiptop shape.

We also encourage our clients to experiment with their dogs’ diets by adding fruits, eggs, and other natural sources of nutrients like honey. This introduces variety and makes every meal exciting and enjoyable for your dog.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that switching to raw feeding is a commitment to choose only what’s best for your dog. It is your commitment to your dog and it is our commitment to you that will ensure your dog’s health. We make it a point to be available to our clients for consultations and feedback as we strive to continuously improve the quality of our product.

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