King’s BARF Diet Raw Dog Food

Comes in PORK or BEEF variant. Each pack includes a mix of meat, bones, internals, veggies, and natural supplements.

King’s BARF Diet began as Start-up Company that provides a complete raw dog food mix following the BARF model of raw feeding. It started as personal effort to feed our dogs healthy and unprocessed food combined with our dissatisfaction with commercially-available dog food.

Depending on your beliefs about a dog’s physical nature and needs, there are two models of raw feeding. Those who believe that dogs are carnivores follow the Prey model of raw feeding. The Prey model asserts that a dog’s diet should contain a specific proportion of meat, internals, and ground bones. On the other hand, those who believe that dogs are omnivorous in nature follow the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) model. Diets following the BARF model include a certain proportion of meat, bones, internals, vegetables, fruits, and natural supplements.

We at King’s BARF Diet echo the belief of the BARF model. We believe that our dogs need a well-balanced meal that has multiple nutrient sources. As such, our product includes a tried-and-tested proportion of pure pork meat, bones, internals, vegetables, and natural supplements.

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Here is a nice article about raw feeding  – “WHY RAW FEEDING IS FOR YOU” written by Ma. Margarita M. Mañalac and Gerald D.V. Copia